When i use advise should i use" to infinitive" or "gerund"? Could you explain me in detail?
windyjoltWhen I use the verb "advise", should I use "infinitive" or "gerund"? Could you explain me in detail?
You can advise someone to do something.

I advised him to stay away from it.

You can advise doing something.

John advises taking more exercises if possible.

You can advise that someone do something. Be careful here because you have to use "someone do/does". It's called subjunctive mood.

I strongly advise she do it because if not, it will cause a trouble.

There is one proverb I came across and it states that: "Good advice is beyond price". Welcome to the Forums, by the way. Emotion: wink
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The pattern is advise + object + infinitive: He advised me to give up smoking.


I've checked Cambridge online dictionary and it's stated there the possible patterns for the word "advise".

The advise .

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Thank you. It was illuminatingEmotion: smile
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