Here's a native ae speaker - who does a great presentation - however I'd like to know what kind of accent this guy's most probably using as I noticed his accent doesn't sound as thick as usually.

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I wouldn't be surprised to find out he's Canadian. He's "o" sounds sound north of our border, although also typical of the very northern Midwest.

I'd be interested to hear if Clive agrees.
That's kind of is interesting - isn't the distinction between Candian and US english totally clearcut for you people "involved"? No offense, I'm just curious.

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I can't play this link.

But generally speaking, I can't listen to someone speaking English and decide clearly that they are Canadian.

Best wishes, Clive
I can't tell that they are clearly Canadian, but I can tell they are not from the deep South, or New England, or New Jersey, or Brooklyn.

There's a vast "Middle America" in which the accent is not very distinct at all.

Then, in the middle of the country, the further north you go, the more the vowels in words like "out" or "house" change from an "ow" sound to an "oo" sound, and this fellow had just enough "oo" to make me think he was either from the northern part of the Midwest or Canadian.
Interesting .. really didn't think it worked that way .. thanks for letting me know. Emotion: smile
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Geez! How many different formats are there for videos?
Every time I turn around these days, it's fifteen more downloads to play anything.
Isn't anyone standardizing this stuff?
(My question may reveal how naive I am about these things.)
Hi Jim, you're definately NOT naive, on the contrary, we're simply caught in the middle of the different software vendors fighting to promote their format .. standards are merely decided by a survival of the "fattest" process ..

be interested to hear your opinion on the subject though.

CalifJimIsn't anyone standardizing this stuff?
Yes, but everyone wants their new product. Everyone wants their patents and their copyrights. Everyone wants to further complicate badly designed systems instead of simplifying them. Everyone wants to invent something new, no matter how useless, dangerous, meaningless or crappy it is. Everyone wants everything to look good, fashionable and indispensable, no matter whether it works well, no matter how it works, no matter whether there's lots of better options.
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