Asking a way of a question before selling a service to the customer below.

How much Can you afford to buy this service?

Please suggest this sentence and share a set of questions with formal.


A vendor has never in my life asked me if i can afford what he is selling. It's not customary in my culture.

Are you asking how to bargain with the customer? Do you want to haggle with the customer to arrive at a mutually acceptable price? In my culture, we usually do that only when we are buying a car or a house.

So, please explain some more about what you are asking us to help you with.


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You also know that Afford represents enough amount of money to buy any service/product than using this bargain and negotiate.

I have expected it in a formal way/business phrase. That's why I need some samples with "afford verb".

Sorry, I still don't understand what you are talking about. Here are some examples of 'afford'.

Husband: Look at this great new TV I bought today.

Wife: You shouldn't have bought it. We can't afford it.


Loan Officer at a bank: Some customers are addicted to spending. They constantly ask the bank for loans to buy things they are really unable to afford.