At a real estate office


Agent: As I was saying, this is our largest house and it
has four bedroom, so that’s no good for you, and the
smaller one has three bedrooms, and our smallest house
or home has two bedrooms. Would you like this house?
Man: No, this house is much too small.
Agent: Would you like this larger one?
Man: No, this house is too small also. It's just not big enough.
Agent: So, you do want the large four-bedroom house after all.
Man: No, it's too small as well. It's still not big enough.
Agent: But it's our biggest house. Ah, but you need lots of room,
I suppose.


1- What does "after all" mean in this dialogue?

Does it mean" nevertheless"?


(It's just not big enough.)

2- What does "just" mean in this sentence?

Does it mean "Absolutely" or does it mean "At all" or something else?

Thank you

rezaenglishafter all

"in spite of expectations to the contrary"

The implication is that the conversation seemed to be leading to the conclusion that man did not want the largest house, but after all the discussion, it turned out that he did want it, or so it seemed. (But then, as the conversation continued, it turned out that he did not want it after all.)

I have to say, this was a strange dialog, and not easy to follow. Emotion: smile

It looks like I will still need the air conditioner this summer after all.

This implies that at some point in the past, the speaker believed that he would not need his air conditioner during the approaching summer months. As time went on, it became clear that the weather was warming up, and he would need the air conditioner after all (i.e., in spite of his former expectations).


rezaenglishWhat does "just" mean in this sentence?



The simple truth is that it's not big enough.


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