Hello everybody,
I have a question to ask,
what is the meaning of "after sometime" ?
I m not clear about it.
Thank so much in advance.
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After some time

Hello thanks

For explaining

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Orpheus After some time means after a considerable amount of time.

Let his is what I meant.it clearly meant that I will be back to talk to you because I have some important routine work to perform like 1.taking bath 2 having my breakfast.3 some rest too because I , today,got up at 3.35 and since then I am working non stop for six hours.I.am feeling tired.hence I said of coming back after some time.did you find any mistake in my... English.pl.guide me later will make corrections and say thanks to you.

After a some time I met my friends

I also had this but I don't quite understand "I will message you after some time" because he was on his work
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