Hello everybody,
I have a question to ask,
what is the meaning of "after sometime" ?
I m not clear about it.
Thank so much in advance.
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After some time means after a considerable amount of time.
Thank u, but could u please show me a sentence using this phrase?
Thanks again.
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On second thoughts, I think it could also mean after a few moments so it very much depends on the context. Do you have a sentence that you have problems with?
it is like this, "after sometime, I finally made up my mind"
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kanephoenixafter sometime, After some time, I finally made up my mind
Some time passed, and then, at last, I made up my mind.
some time (two words, by the way) is an indefinite amount of time. We usually mean a rather large amount of time.
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Thank you so much, realli helpful
Can I say we will talk to you after some time
Nice one! :3
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