Hi again!

I got a sentence here which I do understand, but there's litte part of the sentence I need explnations on.

"In my experience it'f highly impossible for you to truly increse the quality of video after the fact.

What does "after the fact" means?

Regards, Joakim.
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Without the context, it isn't clear the completion of what operation on the video is referred to as "the fact"...
DesireandloveWhat does "after the fact" means?
Hi Joakim,

The only thing it can possibly mean in this context, IMHO, is after the fact of manufacture.

You may fine tune the adjustments which the design provides, but there is nothing you can add, or modify, to improve the quality. (i.e., enhancements)

(You man "improve" the memory of your computer by adding chips, or improve the speed by changing the cpu - I think.)

I don't know if the original statement is true, but I believe that's the intention. I'll grant you, it's ambiguous. Could be after the fact of it's falling out a tenth-story window.

Best wishes, - A.
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after the fact = after the aforementioned action has been done.
The sentences which precede this one will tell you which action is being referred to.
I think some native speakers have a habit of using "after the fact" in a smart-alec-y way, leaving the listener to figure it out. (Doesn't make it right.)
after the time of capturing, originally producing the video
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Hi Marius, I'm interested in your concept.

As you say, "the video," I assume you're referring to a DVD (disc) or a VCR (tape). I had interpreted the question (absent the article) as referring to the reproduction equipment, and its ability to produce a better image than was "originally" possible.

I know there are computer programs which can "enhance" the digital file to improve the quality of the image. I don't know if this is true of analog tapes. I expect the process of "improving" old movie films involves first converting them to digital.

Perhaps the existence of enhancement technology for the file or the reproduction equipment is not relevant. CJ opted to stand with Ant in holding that it can't be settled without context. (I notice that Ant also wrote "the video," as you did.

Anyway, my statement, "The only thing it can possibly mean" was more than a bit extreme. This becomes increasingly clear to me.

Best wishes, - A.
And here's the context, by which I'd even suppose the indefinite article should have been used before "video":

Hi Ant,
I tried your reference, and it was a thread entitled, "Videogamer wanted." I couldn't seem to find the quote.

Rgdz, - A.

Edit. Woops! Sorry, I got the last digit wrong!
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