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Can you please help me again with the next conversation? Context: Ex-Employee is complaining to his ex-supervisor. His ex-supervisor is a woman and she was the one who fired him.

Ex-Employye XY: I'm just a line item on a budget for you, and that's about it. I'm XY, $47,000 a year, plus benefits.Hey, wait, the way I figure it ( little sarcastically, he's probably imitating her ), you get some kid in here, pay him half that, and no benefits 'cause he's part-time. Hey, where do I sign? I can't get there fast enough.( He's probably imitating the reaction of the guy, who got that kid, but I don't understand to this reaction at all....??? )

His Ex-supervisor: You think I like firing people? You think I enjoy it?

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He is saying to her that he has suddenly understood her motives - she wants to hire someone who will work part-time and for for less money. He is undoubtedly angry.
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Feebs thanks!!! It's much more clear to me now....Now I just have a problem with that last two sentences....Hey, where do I sign? I can't get there fast enough. Please, what did he mean by that? I still don't get the meaning of these two sentences...:-(((. But the previous one are clear to me now, thanks to you..:-)

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Hi guys,

Please does someone understand what that last two sentences mean? Feebs11 hit the right meaning, I'm pretty sure that he did, but I'm not sure what "Hey, where do I sign? I can't get there fast enoughmean"...Emotion: crying Does it mean "Where should I go now? I won't be able to arrive there in time. (That guy is old man)" ???. Please guys help, I have been thinking about that two senteces for the whole day and I'm still pretty out there..:-((. I provided maximum context.

Best Regards and thanks in advance.
It's rhetorical. The person is still sounding off about being sacked. He is saying what he thinks the part-timer would say if offered the job.
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Thanks Feebs!!!!! I think I got the idea now..:-). So the part-timer is saying....

Where do I sign? = Where do I have to sign the contract?

I can't get there fast enough = I take this sentence as that the part-timer is really looking forward to work there....Typical example, which I found on the internet...

I am planning to move to Peru (I can't get there fast enough!) and was curious about a couple of things....

thank you again