It is quite hard to understand. "wills (against all wanting)" may refer to forcing ("willing") oneself to do one thing, despite wanting to do another.


In the context of the text, it says that God always helps people despite their deliberate rejection of being totally obedient to all of God's commands and rules.


God's command: Give all your money to poor people.
Harry's opinion: No way I'm going to do that.
Harry is selfish and never gives any money to poor people.
Many years later, Harry gets cancer and prays to God to cure him.
God answers the prayer and cures Harry of cancer.

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He always answers the cry of the man or of the woman who wills against all wanting to do His will.”
Wow. Wills against all wanting to do His will. Above my own desires and will. Giving God total control to reprioritize my will and my desires to His. What a concept! What if we all willed against our wanting to follow God’s will? What if we could surrender everything we have, no matter how big or small it is, and allow God to be the sole fulfiller of the desires of our hearts? I learned this week that surrendering everything to God and allowing Him to fill my cup on a daily basis would not only benefit me, but those around me. I never want to become an emotional leach, turning to everyone in my life to fill my needs on a daily basis. How exhausting for those around me! If God is the sole fulfiller of my needs and fills my cup daily, all of the good that happens that day is complete overflow. What an amazing promise that God gives us! True surrender is not the absence of desire. It is the reprioritizing of our desires. God is so jealous for our hearts and to be the sole fulfiller of our deepest yearnings, that He calls us to reprioritize our desires. This happens when we surrender to God. Also, surrender does not always promise us peace. I still have moments of unanswered questions and loneliness, but it is surrender that teaches me to trust God more fully. God promises to fill our cups and fulfill all of our needs, but sometimes we don’t need everything, we just want everything.
Are there wants that you are confusing for needs? Is there anything today that you have that you need to surrender to God?


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