Is this sentence correct?

It has been a long time ago.

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Generally speaking, no, I wouldn't consider that to be correct.

You can say things such as "It has been a long time" or "It has been a long time since I saw her" or "I saw her a long time ago", for example.

Do you have additional context, or are you just trying to write individual sentences, Frostwhite?
frostwhiteIs this sentence correct?

It has been a long time ago.
No. a long time ago is "definite time" grammatically even though the exact meaning in terms of a point in time is somewhat vague. Present perfect tense can't be used with definite time. Don't use it with any expression ending in ago.

Use: It was a long time ago.

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Hi Yankee!

I just asked this because I heard myself saying this when I asked someone how long she had been using her computer. I didn't know why I said this but it felt so natural. (without any basis though) Emotion: smile
I just googled and found this http://groups.google.com/group/alt.usage.english/browse_thread/thread/caad8f6aef383f5c .

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Yankee,Could you please enlighten me more about this,please?
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I am with Amy. Nowadays, unless one is conscientious about his grammar, people are a bit too causual with conversational English in my opinion. So you will hear improper English being used, especially in the younger population. I personally feel that "ago" , along with past time markers like last night, a week ago etc. should not be used in present perfect contexts. Contexts such as:

"I have seen her three days ago"

"They have talked about the trip yesterday"

are considered incorrect.
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