Little is known of early Finnish history, but it ---- that the ancestors of the modern Finns ---- in Finland about 9,000 years ago.A) is thought / arrived

B) is thought / were arriving

C) is thought / would have arrived
I can probably create a way for each to be correct, but which is BEST?

(We should probably have let CB answer this one.)
Hi Diamondgr
Hmm... (Thanks, GG.) Emotion: smile I would say:Little is known of early Finnish history, but it is thought (actually, it is known) that the very first ancestors of modern Finns arrived in Finland about 11,000 years ago. Right after the last ice age, that is. People continued to come, in very small numbers, for thousands of years and thus were arriving ... about 9,000 years ago isn't really wrong. However, I would prefer to omit the article in that case and say: ... ancestors of modern Finns were arriving...