1. "I couldn't agree more."
Does it mean "I totally(absolutely) agree with you."?

2. "I can't agree with you any more."
In this case, does it mean an agreement or a disagreement?
(I'm confused!!! Very confused!!!!)

3. "I couldn't agree less."
If somebody says this, the speaker doesn't agree with you, does he?
1 Yes, absolutely.
2 They had been in agreement, but now the speaker disagrees.
3 No - that is, no he doesn't agree with you. He strongly disagrees.
Many thanks for your help. Emotion: wink

Regarding No. 2, I found contradictory explanations in my grammar books. In some books, they say it's a strong agreement, and it means "I completely agree with you." But, in the other books, they say it's a disagreement. I just don't know whcih book should I trust this time!!