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please consider these two sentences:

1. In fact, if all parties are agreed, possibly they do not need the sanction of the court.

2. And once changes are agreed, they cease to be the adjustments of the Government.

I assume that in #1 'agreed' is an adjectival past participle rather than part of a passive verb construction ('be + past participle'). My question is: is it possible to replace 'are agreed' with 'agree' without changing the meaning of the sentence? When is 'are agreed' preferred to 'agree'?

And one more point: you would probably agree that in #2 'are agreed' is a passive verb construction ('be' + past participle of 'agree'). My question is: is there any foolproof way of distinguishing adjectival past particples from similar passive verb constructions?

Contributions appreciated.
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I understand. I'll let it go now. Thank you for your contribution.