Woman: Would you like some?
R: Oh, yes, thank you. I’m very hungry. What is it?
Woman: This is a sandwich.
R: A sandwich?
Woman: Aha. Yes, I’ll show you how to make a sandwich. ◄◄◄
First, you put butter on the bread.
R: Butter on the bread.


Which interjection is correct in this sentence?

1- Aha. Yes, I’ll show you...

2- Uhm. Yes, I’ll show you...

3- Uhmm. Yes, I’ll show you...

Or something else?

Video link: https://streamja.com/mozLo

Thank you

rezaenglishOr something else?

Yes. She does not say "aha". You might spell what she said "mm-hmm". ( https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/mm-hmm ) It means "yes". "Uh-huh" is similar.

Thank you, anonymous