1. Do the following sound OK to you native speakers?

a. I hope we all can agree.

b. I hope we can all agree.

What part of speech is 'all' in a & b? (adjective, adverb, pronoun....etc.)

Do you have any better suggestions in addition to a & b?

Thanks in advance.
Both are OK and informal.
All is a pronoun.
Hi guys,

My dictionary calls 'all' an adjective in this example. we all know why. I guess the idea is that it descirbes 'we' . Seems reasonable to me.

Other examples it quotes as an adjective are all his life and take it all.

It also calls 'all' a pronoun in the example all of us. I would add 'all were silent' as a clearer pronoun example. Again, this seems reasonable to me.

Best wishes, Clive