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Hey Candy,
Sometimes I wonder what they think about. I’m sure that dogs have their own little characters, they’re very emotional. But wild animals, they’re much harder to figure. All I know about them comes from discovery TV (LOL) so I’m no expert. I find that the documentaries made recently often show that wild animals are strongly social and communicative. Even dumb old sharks are pretty smart. I saw a show just last week about the Aussie platypus – he’s an absolute dear. They’re so little and they look so cute. They do nearly everything with their eyes shut (swimming, hunting etc).

Hi to guest, come back soon!
Hi Aileen,

"They do nearly everything with their eyes shut (swimming, hunting etc). "
Emotion: surprise
Wow, it's amazing!! How can they do that?

I have a stuffed Aussie platypus, but 'HE' is very old!! (very cute.....)A friend of mine gave it to me long long time ago.
He's always awake with his eyes wide open, but unfortunately he doesn't do anything at all..... !! lol
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Let me see if I can find something about those cute little characters.

“When foraging on the bottom, platypus swim with their eyes, ears and nostrils closed, using their electro-sensitive bill to locate and probe for food. This finely tuned electro-perception and sense of touch allows platypus to find and capture a range of prey including worms, insects, crustaceans, molluscs and small vertebrates such as tadpoles.”

Maybe your little friend’s just sleepy. Give him a tickle. I thought about adopting a grumpy old koala (toy) but I can just tell that he’s gonna misbehave! He’s got a bush hat with tiny corks hanging from strings and multi-coloured baggy pants – boy that’s a toy with attitude!
Do you see platypus often in Australia? How small (or big) are they?

Oh, Aileen, my little friend is very old..... If I give him a tickle, he will break into parts....!!
Candy, do you know where I can order a japanese copy of All Creatures Great & Small from as I would love to get it for my sister-in-law who is Japanese. Emotion: tongue tied
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Hi Ron, nice to meet you. Emotion: smile
I've read some copies of J. H's books, but I haven't read this one in Japanese yet.
So... you'd like to get a copy for your sister-in-law. Emotion: smile It's really nice of you...!!
Do you think you can order it on the Internet? Which country are you from?
Well, let me check about it, and let me post in this thread again.
See you soon.
Hi Ron,

It seems "All Creatures Great & Small" in Japanese is not published....!!! They don't have any copies in Japanese!!!!! Too bad.........you can't order a copy for your sister-in-law. Emotion: sad
But they have other versions in Japanese(I mean, James Herriot's books), so maybe you can get one for her, and she might like it. Emotion: smile I hope she likes it.

Thanks for looking in to it for me Candy, I'll see if I can find another one on the internet. I am from the UK by the way.

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Hi Ron,

You're from the UK? Does your sister-in-law live there, too?
I hope you canl find something nice for her, and I hope she enjoys it.
I enjoyed reading James Herriot's books when I was a little girl. I really loved them. Emotion: smile