Hello. Can you help me with this? Are they all correct?

1) On Saturdays I always go to her house and we spend all the day there.(PLACE+TIME) Is grammatically correct to say "all the day"?

2) All the weekends I go shopping. I would correct it "I go shopping every weekend". But is the first one incorrect?

3) On Saturdays I go with my family to a park all the afternoon. I would correct it "On Saturdays my family and I spend all the afternoon in a park". But I am not following the right structure PLACE first and TIME then....

Thank you !

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You're welcome.

Are you in Buenos Aires?

I have JUST read your question!!! Sorry!

Yes, I live in Buenos Aires
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I was in Buenos Aires for two weeks in February. Emotion: smile


I can´t believe it!!!!

Your message appeared in a second page and I saw it today!!!! What a pity!! I would have liked to meet you or help you during your stay. Was it your first time? Planning to come back???

Yes, it was my first time.

If I go back, it won't be soon. It's a long trip.

I went mainly to dance the tango.Emotion: dance

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