1.Dutch/Dane/Turkish/Portugese/Spanish - Dutch
2.Smile/grim/giggle/beam/snigger/titter - grim
3.foreign/stranger/alien/newcomer - alien
4.account/storey/fable/parable/myth legend - ???storey
5.ask/petition/prey/beg/implore/beseech/request - prey
6.previous/former/prior/passed/earlier - earlier
7.festive/marry/joyful/mirthful/convivial - marry
9.sturdy/staunch/stawart/robust/stout -staunch???
10.eminent/outstanding/illustrious/denoted - denoted ???

Is it correct my supposition in each sentence ?
What an interesting exercise! I'd like to give it a try.

1.Dutch/Dane/Turkish/Portugese/Spanish - Dane (need an adj.)
2.Smile/grim/giggle/beam/snigger/titter - grim
3.foreign/stranger/alien/newcomer - foreign (not a noun)
4.account/story/fable/parable/myth legend - hard to tell, "myth legend" ??? (odd sounding)
5.ask/petition/prey/beg/implore/beseech/request - another hard one, prey is misspelled (or is it intentional?) Perhaps petition?
6.previous/former/prior/passed/earlier - earlier (past is misspelled?)
7.festive/marry/joyful/mirthful/convivial - convival (if marry is meant to be "merry")
8.gallant/chivalrous/dauntless/bald/brave/interpid- intrepid (bold and intrepid are misspelled) (The other adjs. are used to describe people. I'm not sure if intrepid is used as such. Help!)

9.sturdy/staunch/stawart/robust/stout - robust ??? (don't have a clue)
10.eminent/outstanding/illustrious/denoted - denoted
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Yes all words that you've noticed that are misspelled are misspelled but it is not my fault ! If they are mistaken then this is the correct answer the only question is in 9 Sentence. I've made a mistake in 8 - intrepid Emotion: sad
Your answers to the first 3 questions are correct.

Account is the correct answer to number 4. There should be a / between myth and legend. An account is factual; all the rest are fiction.

Answer to 5 is prey. It is not misspelled. It is a homonym for "pray" but has a different meaning. Hence, it is the "odd man out".

Answer to 6 is passed for the same reason as number 5 -- it is a homonym for past.

Answer to 7 is marry -- same reason.

Answer to 8 is bald. Intrepid is misspelled

Answer to 9 is staunch

answer to 10 is denoted, as you put.