All I need is to be allowed to be myself.

Is the sentence above natural?

Is "All" a pronoun in it?


[ All (that) I need ] is to be allowed to be myself.

Some trad grammars call "all" a pronoun in examples like yours, but (with just one exception) modern grammar says that it belongs to the category 'determinative'.

Its function is that of 'fused-head NP' meaning "all x", where it is followed by the underlined relative clause to form the larger bracketed NP.

Note: if you have difficulty understanding the fusion in your example, it may help to consider a similar example in which "all" has a human interpretation:

All who see her admire her.

Here, fused "all" means "all people", which is clearly a noun phrase. The fusion occurs when determinative "all" + the noun "people" combine, or fuse, to form the noun phrase "all".


Yes. It's natural.

In your example, it means "the only thing," so it's a pronoun (replaces a noun).

tkacka15All I need is to be allowed to be myself


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Thank you for the replies.


Thank you! it was a very good question. Whatever helps..

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