Lets have a little fun,

Best answer in one sentence to this question gets a virtual kiss from Maj:

All I want for christmas is............?
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I just thought about starting a post with What would you like to get for Christmas, when I read yours, Chris.
As far as I'm concerned all I want for Christmas is ... ( to be continued)
Great minds think alike Pieter,

Come on Mike, Woody, and all - I'd love to hear what Maj wants for christmas too!
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Did you mean Brilliant minds ? ( Prof. Nash, Russel Crow)
Now we're going on to another topic - I played cricket against Russel Crowe - he flew his family into Malta when he was filming 'Gladiator' to have a game of cricket against our club.
Wowww. Men of the World on this site.::) Hitch told me once that Manu Chau had stayed at his house in London once. Now you playing cricked with Russel Crow.Emotion: smile Actually I have to stop writing now. Robert has arrived. De Niro, of course.Emotion: smile
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It wasn't as fun as it sounded, he barely said a word to anyone except his family members. What I enjoyed more was a beer tent that he set up for all of us.

Back to the topic:

What do you want from Father Christmas, Pieter?
I really don't know. You know Chris, poets create the world every day. An answer like: This is a great one, from a reader on the net makes me feel very well. Matbe a perfume. Estee Lauder, Pleasures. There's only a little left in the bottle.Emotion: smileEmotion: smile
I'm not going to give the typical Miss Universe answer and say World peace and stuff like that. It would be nice to have but when you think about it, many people give that answer to appear like they are 'good' people.

Anyway, All I want for Christmas is Moon Peace! .... no seriously...
All I want for Christmas is to be able to eat and drink so much that my sides start splitting (preferably chocolate) and to enjoy the night/day laughing and having a good time.

If this is about material things, All I want for Christmas (apart from a rubber chicken) is chocolate. I'm more than happy when I receive chocolate. It's difficult for me to think of material things for Christmas that can actually fit through the doorway.

Emotion: smile
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