Hi ,

can i use all then verb without the name after all .

i hear this sentence "all is well "


is it right?

-we went to the park , all had fun

& if it is right , do we use singular or plural verb

if it is not , why is it correct"all is well "


1) all is = everything is (mostly set phrases)

All is well. / All is fair in love and war. / All is calm; all is bright. / ... when all is said and done. / All is not lost. / Not all is lost. / All is running smoothly.

2) all are = everybody is (Only one set phrase is commonly used.)

All are welcome.

3) all are = all of them are, where the referent of 'them' must be recovered from context.

3a) inanimate

All are for sale. / All are discounted. / All are possibilities for different projects. / All are manufactured in Japan. / All are on display. / All are set to be built soon.

3b) animate

All are guilty. / All are expected to recover. / All are passionate about sports. / All are grateful. / All are qualified.


احمد قاسم"All is well" ... Is it right?


احمد قاسمWe went to the park; we all had fun.

It is not very idiomatic to use "all" for "we all", but it's not wrong.