Hello everyone,I wanted to know how many English accents are there?I mean the living ones,not the faded accents;And there's also an accent that I couldn't figure out what country it belongs to,it's that accent that the "R" is pronounced thickly unlike American and Especially British accent,If it were up to me I'd say it's from medieval Ireland or somewhere?Anyway I'd be glad if you share your answer with me and also I've heard that accent in Peaky Blinders and The Witcher TV series if I'm not wrong.


There are so many that I doubt anybody has ever tried to count them.


The Peaky Blinders were an urban street gang based in Birmingham, England, so it's the accent of that region, or an attempt at it by modern actors.

One critic, who grew up near Birmingham, wrote, "Some [ of the actors' accents ] sound like a melange of Liverpool and generic northern". Maybe that's why you can't tell where it's from. It's a sort of made-up accent, an imagining of what the accent of that region might have been like around 1900–1920, when the gang was active.


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Venom Snake "R" is pronounced thickly

The stock theatrical West of England accent sounds like that. The Cornish pirate, too. Arrrrr!

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