Shannon Diem made the run after pulling all-nighters and drinking Calimoxto -- a mixture of red wine and Coca-Cola.

He had not been sleeping for more than one night when he made the run?
This doesn't really compute. Pulling an all-nighter involves staying up all night, and often relates to the activity revealed by previous context (driving, drinking, drugs, sex, rock 'n roll, cramming for exams, etc.) It doesn't necessarly mean the subject didn't sleep all day.

We don't know much about these all-nighters, except that there were reportedly more than one. They may or may not have been successive, but they preceded the run. We could assume than one of them was the night immediately preceding the run, but it doesn't exactly say so. (Some people habitually stay up all night and sleep all day.)

- A.
New2grammarHe had not been sleeping for more than one night when he made the run?
I read the whole story you link to and I have to say the use of "all-nighter" in this context doesn't make sense. It especially doesn't make sense in the plural.
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Thanks Avangi and RayH.

RayH, I appreciate your taking the time to read the article.
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My name is Shannon and I am the one whose words you are writing about. Please keep in mind that the words I stated to the CNN reporter were condensed to fit the story. The morning of my first run was done, with no sleep as it was my first night in Pamplona. The excitement, the drinking, etc had me up all night and by the time I was ready to sleep, the run was to begin within 2 hours. So, by the time I would have made it to my hotel room, I would have had to go back and line up for the run. I did have 2 more instances of this during the festival where I also, just partied through night, (all-niter), as it is so easy to do with all of the excitement around.

I sincerely hope this helps in the understanding and that you now realize there was more to the story, it just did not get put into print.

Best regards,
Hi Shannon, great to hear from you. Welcome to the forums.