Let me introduce myself...;-)

I'm 24 years old. And I works as an programmer in a software company.

Hobby list:

- Maintaining of my car (Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VII) ...

- Improving of my english abilities, like speaking and writting...

- Watching movies and shows, because for me, this is the best way how can I learn a lot of new words...

- "Movie subtitles" making, especially for my parents and my friends....Again an excellent way to learn english!

I really like it here! Kudos to englishforum team!

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Hey JCD, nice to see you!

well..your hobby list seems to be long...how can you do all those things in a single day, considering that you should work a lot? Emotion: big smile

Hey Francesca,

You're right. My work doesn't allow me to devote my hobbies a lot...:-(( Anyway, even if I usually returns to my home at 19:00, it doesn't mean that I can't watch TV or work at the translation of something. But I have to confess, what I'm neglecting in the last weeks, is cycling..:-((. In my work i'm sitting whole day at the chair, so this kind of the sport activity is damn important. But maybe what is worse, my girlfriend is really angry about that on me..:-). Because in the last month, I put on the weight Emotion: embarrassedEmotion: embarrassed But only a little bit...:-)

Btw: Forza Italia!! I was in your country at the vacation with my gf and we enjoyed that a lot!!

cheers JCD
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Hello JCD! From which country are you btw? Emotion: smile


IF [A]
Hi Intelligent Freak (cool nick, btw..:-)

I'm from Czech republic. Why do you ask? ...;-)
Oh, thanks! Emotion: wink

I just got curious... because I'm not so good in distinguishing a peson's nationality from another.

Thanks! You can post some more pics here!

Have a good day!
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Ah, OK..Emotion: wink

Btw, I noticed the acronym, listed by your nickname, U.A.E.... Please does it mean just United Arabic Emirates or it is some kind of special acronym of the organization in which your're working ?.

And may I see your photo first?..Emotion: winkEmotion: wink Filipino girl....hmm..that sounds sweet! [F] Emotion: winkEmotion: wink
UAE stands for United Arab Emirates. As for my picture... I don't really know how to attach files here... sorry..
Yeah she is from United Arabic Emirates)))
And I'm thinking of posting my photo)))
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