Do English and American people use the same swear words? The fact that we are posting this is purely informative, it doesn't mean that swear words will be allowed in this forum. However, this is a question that most students want to know.
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I'm sure they use some of the same swear words. The f-word, for example, is fairly universal.
There are also many differences. But I'll leave the describing of those up to someone who has actually been to both countries.
Rent the movies Bridget Jones, Four Weddings and a Funeral (which starts with about 5 minutes of the F word) etc and then watch something like South Park or the Blair Witch Project (my sons told me this, because I never watch these things!) to get an idea. I think british english has more variety but that could be because it's been around longer and has some very old words - doesn't the F word come from the 14th Century or something?? I would check but my dictionary is downstairs and I can't be bothered.
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If you want American slang, watch a dumb chick flick.
Watch "Blackadder"; proof that using common words in the correct combination is far more effective than swearing.
Blackadder is the best.
The way Blackadder insults without needing to swear is great. More effective (and intelligent)Isn't that right Baldrick...
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Blackadder : An unwise action, Baldrick, since Mad McAdder is a homicidal maniac.
Baldrick : My mother told me to stand up to homicidal maniacs.
Blackadder : Yes. If this is the same mother who confidently claimed that you were a tall handsome stallion of a man, I should treat her opinions with extreme caution.
Baldrick : I love my mum.
Blackadder : And I love chops and sauce but I don't seek their advice.

King: Chiswick, remind me to send flowers to the King of France in sympathy for the death of his son.
Chiswick: The one you had murdered, My Lord...
King: Yes, that's the fellow.

Infanta: Tu nariz mas pequen~a que yo esperara.
Don: Your nose is smaller than I expected.
Edmund: I have suffered no similar disappointment.
LOL...I don't seek their advice.
Now you'll get me started...(but in another thread).
How many people from the States have heard of Blackadder?
As I understand, there are not many. The humour is not the same.
I'm from Canada, and I've seen Blackadder once or twice. It's funny stuff!
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