First of all, I just joined this site like 5 minutes I am really sorry if I say something of the topic...or if I just posted in the wrong place....I just need help with my evil home work! Emotion: crying

I have to write and alliteration poem....but I really have no idea what they are or how I can write one.....can anyone help me out with this? @[email protected]
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Hi Illusen,

Alliteration: noun.
The use, especially in poetry, of the same sound or sounds, especially consonants, at the beginning of several words that are close together:

Here is a site you may find helpful

And this one is a vocabulary of alliterative words.

This is an example of an alliteraton poem from /

Alliteration Poem

One wet wellington walked on water
Two tired travellers tried to talk
Three thick thorns thought thick thorn thoughts
Four frantic fish fought for flat fish fins
Five fit flies flew forward fast
Six slow snails saw swooping sparrows
Seven sneaky snakes slid slyly and silently
Eight eating earwigs eat an entire egg
Nine naughty nettles nick nice knockers
Ten tall tornadoes tear tiny tents.

Why not post your 1st draft on the site, and we'll see if we can help?
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Thank you!!!!!!! ^_^
an alliteration poem is apoem that uses the same letter more than once. For example

"In the playground he pushes, pinches and pulls people,
He?s always naughty and nasty ? not nice to know.
He bounces boys back and forth
And burps and belches at bell-time!
See if you can make a few little verses like these."
Alliteration in a poem is like peter piper picked a peck of pickled peppersEmotion: big smile

it is a poem that has the same letter at begining of every word

hope that has helped

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i am sorry to say that i can't help u with you problem i am normaly
good at poems anyway it is funny that u are havin problems with because
i am as well anyway i just realised that u wrote this on the 3rd of
april and it is now september lol well i will still send it to you ok
bye sarahEmotion: smileEmotion: big smileEmotion: stick out tongueEmotion: wink[A]
well let me tell you i aint the best at these alliteration things either so im not quite sure what to do exactly either..but i have one you can use if you want knoe....everybody has got to help somebody! glad i could also working on alliteration poems too..but anyways here is one that you can have:

in the playground he pushes, pinches, and pulls people,

he's always naughy and nasty-not nice to know.

he bounces boys back and forth

and burps and belches at bell time!

~well i hope you enjoyed that one!~ i made it myself....always ~LaShay~
no im trying to find out to sorry Emotion: embarrassed
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