Hi teachers, 

Kindly tell me what "If I may" means. Does it mean "If I am allowed to / If I am permitted to", please? 

Here is an example: 
- I'd like to ask you about something if I may

(Teachers, I have a few more questions about this "If I may" which I'd like to ask in my next post if I may. Emotion: smile  )

Thank you all. 
LaboriousDoes it mean "If I am allowed to / If I am permitted to", please?
Literally, yes. In practice, in cases like yours, it is often used as a set expression for politeness or reduction of abruptness.
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Thanks to you, GPY!

The few more questions which I said would like to ask in my following post were:

1) Can we also use this "If I may" with other pronouns (in subjective case), please? For e.g., could we also say "if he/she/they/we may.."?

2) Can we use it (if xyz may ...) in questions as well?

For e.g. could we say, 'If I may ask, can / may I ask you something?'

3) Can it also be used to talk about past, please?

Thank you once again, GPY, for your help!
1) It's possible; for example "He'd like to come, if he may". I think "I" and "we" are the most common though.

2) "May/can I ask you something?" and "if I may/can ask you something" are OK. The latter is not a complete thought, though.

3) No, not in the same way.
Thank you, GPY, for answering my question! It was so nice of you! Emotion: smile
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