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Here for you Layal and everybody. Our world is very beautilful how somebody can destroy it, I don't understand.Emotion: sad
I love to see rice fields. In the middle has a very peaceful temple.Emotion: smile
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Here more a rice field. May be the last picture I have. Hope they relax you.Emotion: smile
Very very nice pictures, all of them are superbEmotion: big smile
The pictures are beautiful, so is your country. Emotion: smile
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Ya! Laya, thanks, nature always make our life balance, do you think so? How is rice field in UAE? I really love to see, maybe I will plan a journy there.Emotion: smile

Hi Chenyj, yes, it's in Thailand. I saw a chinese movie, the story about the world great fighter, the man I forgot his name but in the picture some part show a rice field of all seasons gradually changing, it's very very beautiful I have seen first time in my life, actually in my life I've never seen any rice field all its seasons but I saw first time in China I think it's very beautiful than in my country because in China has snow slowly fall down, very great. It's very beautiful life style there.Emotion: smile

Hi Atitaya do you like to see some of the rice fields in our country?
Hi, Vinodram, I thought that's my photograph, they look alike, how you can find it matching? It's really great to my eyes to see, the mountain is very nearer to the field, it looks much more wonderful than mine. Emotion: smile[F] I love to see nature if you have more I would be very happy to see.Emotion: travel
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AtitayaHere more a rice field. May be the last picture I have. Hope they relax you.Emotion: smile
look at those nature landscape^_^

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