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look at those nature landscape^_^

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the most representative terrace in southern of China. they build the fields in the brae.

tea,people are picking tea-leaves

at the peak of a mountain

Hi! Kalicon, thanks for the picture, they are very great, how wonderful is it? I feel to its fresh air and it's like I was going through the computer to the mountain and stand on it, I feel a different life and it makes me to renouce the city life right now. I think everybody feel the same

Nuture is still showing its beauty in every part of this world.[F]
Hi everybody!

Hi, Atitaya, I liked your photos very much Emotion: smile You asked me if I could snap the photo of my garden, and then you started this beautiful topic, so I decided that it would be more appropriate to post it here. Well, this is my garden Emotion: smile It’s just a pity that berries (like blackcurrant, strawberries, and raspberries) are harvested already, and most of the fruits haven’t ripened yet to show you Emotion: smile
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Hi Irene, nice to see you and your garden. I don't think you will have a big garden like that. Emotion: smile It's regretable that you have harvested some fruit already, those fruit are rarely seen in a hot country and they are very beautiful colour otherwise your garden must be very fantastic . It's unbelieveble that many kind of fruits are really given. It needs taking care of plants speacially, doesn't it? I think you have spent most of your free time in your garden, it's really happy to work in a garden like we refresh our mind from a tired world or a modern life style. It's really a heaven on earth. Actually, I don't work much in my garden, just only my teacher gave some work to grow plants when I was a child and sometime I wanted to grow flowers and I remember the peacful mind at that time. Your garden has given many things. [Y]Thanks for giving that photo, it's look like my garden some.
Atitaya, you know one of my hobby is to grow plants which started when i was in my kindergarden and my parents and teachers are the ones who first told me about the pleasent and calm properties of the plants and I too like to grow many trees around my house but now only I've started with some small plants. You can have a look at it from my website http:\\vinod-ram.tripod.com

Your webt is here, Vinod. I am glad to know you like to grow plans because at least you help our world become cooler.[F] [F] I am wondering still that where and how you got the rice field photo and where is that place?

I appreciate to see your webt, I hope you put many photographt about Indian culture, and nature. I see in Indian movies they have very beautiful scences.Emotion: smile I encorage your webt, it could enjoy everybody in their free time. Success it soon I am happy to see.Emotion: smile
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Hi Vinod,

In the day I could not success reading your webt, now I enjoy it and it's great that I have more enjoyable webt site to see. Thanks. (anon above is me,forgot signing in)

Heh! It would be possible to be the world's best webpage as you ad, not a joke.

[F]Let everybody enjoy your web.[Y]Emotion: wink

P.S. Your plants are very healthy and the roses are very beautiful unbelievable.
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