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Thanks Atitaya! Do you really like my web page? I did it when i finished my Grad.
Your web page full of interesting materials. I like to read many things, some gives inspiration and fresh mind some gives laughting even your web page name " the world's best web page". I encorage for your dream and want to see more your development. Maybe I will send some topic to post there, let I find it first.Emotion: smile Yes, I really like it, why not? One thing I like it most that "Todays Quote".
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Once again Thanks Atitaya... Sure you can send them to my email id.
Hi Atitaya. Nature villages are always filled fresh air and wild creatures, not to mention various plants. I like the peaceful life in countryside, we donot need to face upon traffic jam, and donot need to indure endless noice from every corner ,plus bad quality air, and there are few wild animals in urban but pets running in buildings.

In a village far away from a flourished city, we live in a style more close to nature. ^_^but routine life will become less convenient.