Just a thing on earth we found along the road.

Here is a group of pigeons in a temple in Bangkok, these birds live in temples or tourist places.
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Orphan dogs. Somebody leaves dog in temple, nobody care only get food from temple.
One day I was going enjoy outside, passing a house and seeing a dog had a wonderful sleeping so I took its photo.
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2-3 hours later I returned, the dog gave me of its back side to take a photo more.
One day I was going out of Bangkok, a family we've never seen like this in a city.

It seems I have more to post, let somebody post some.Emotion: smile let's exchange our world.Emotion: smile
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Oh! ya! I am looking after my chicken and then what...?
Hi ! Don't you afraid of me?
Behind the banana leaves: "Let I take a nap here.. my personal place..and my personal world"
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