Is it correct to say that "along with" and "together with" are synonyms?

If not, when should I use each of them?

Would you please give me a few examples?

Thank you


The contexts in which these expressions are used are too numerous and varied to discuss in any detail in a forum post. Though there are other uses, here are the basic ones.

along with = as well as

The farm also had pigs, chickens, and bees, along with subsistence and cash crops.
Approximately 1,100 ducks were present, mostly mallards, along with 500 Canada geese.
Cooper says several musical instruments were stolen, along with other equipment.

together with = working together with (someone)

Together with lead chef Caleb Philips, he has designed a seasonally driven menu.
Together with Dora, he also founded the experimental Beacon Hill School in 1927.
Together with Enrico Fermi, Rasetti discovered key processes leading to nuclear fission.

There is a tendency for 'together with' to be used at or near the beginning of a sentence and for 'along with' to be used at or near the end.

'together with' is more often used as part of a phrasal verb than as a special idiom. In these cases 'together' is associated more strongly with the preceding verb than with the following 'with'.

Mix the ingredients together | with the tomato sauce.
Let's tie these sticks together | with string.
The HR department was grouped together | with the Finance Department.

See a dictionary for other uses and examples.