1) Find three five-letter words with no repeating letters.

2) Then find three six-letter words with no repeats.

3) Next try four five-letter words with no repeats.

4) Finally, find four six-letter words with no repeats.

Examples (They don't have to make sense):

1) xylem brown acids

2) phylum string backed

3) xylem brown quick staph

4) ?

If you're looking for another challenge, post an original pangram (a sentence that uses all 26 letters of the alphabet like the quick brown fox one).
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  1. house; honey ; hotel
  2. chalky; brainy; craven
  3. squad; sport; scary; leafy
  4. steamy; branch; muscle; muesli
eight, found, wreck

packed, gather, poetry

naked, plant, covers, Bronx

ladies, finder, pumkin, square

The jammed car went flying over a swimming landing in a house killing a kid with the string on his yo-yo, spilling milk on his bed and quilt, dropping grapes on the floor, teared his vest apart, waking everyone up with a bang on the xylophone, and made his room into a zoo!!!!!!!!
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1. words mouse watch 2. pocket rocket weapon 3. locks talks marks 4. locker talker walker
Anonymous1. words mouse watch 2. pocket rocket weapon 3. locks talks marks 4. locker talker walker

First of all, you must really like the letter K...
2nd: You CANNOT repeat letters in the words We were given answers for 1-3 so we need 4th (Answering 1-3 again could be a challange, and I dont wanrt to be challanged, so i would say #4:)
naples apples groovy guitar (Just to move around and draft and plan)
Xylems browny/browze lacing (this is as far as i got, and not right at all but some words that might give you ideas =D)
 >> 3) xylem brown quick staph

I like MYLEX better than XYLEM.  :-) 
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1) rapid lemon ***

You repeated letters in all of them?

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