could you tell me the difference between these sentences?
  1. Have you already seen this movie? It's Miami Vice...
  2. Have you seen this movie yet? It's Miami Vice...
I think #1 is equivalent to "Have you seen this movie at least another time in the past? or Have you ever seen it?", and #2 is more or less like "Do you still have to see this movie?"

In other words, it seems to me that #1 is a pretty general question, but if I use #2 it seems that the listener is somehow supposed to watch that movie, sooner or later.

Waiting for your advice, thank you in advance. Emotion: smile
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No, it's the same. You can put "already" at the end if you want. The problem is that in those examples you (and I) don't really know what it means. A normal example would be:
- I already told you.
- I told you already.

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Thanks for answering my question, Kooyeen!Emotion: smile

..I think we will have to wait for someone else..Emotion: rolleyes
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I wish I could explain it better!

The problem of already and yet is similar to the problem of some and any.

already, some - past, presence
yet, any - future, absence

Do you already have some? Some are now present. You got them in the past. Correct?
Do you have any yet? None are now present. You will get them in the future. Correct?

already can be used with surprise (as in the case with finished), but it doesn't have to be. It sometimes suggests that the questioner wants useful information about the need for further action.

Have you already washed the dishes?
(If yes, then I won't have to wash them.)

yet is used more neutrally. It suggests that the answer is going to be "yes" -- eventually, but maybe not now.

Have you washed the dishes yet?
(If no, than I must wait longer for the expected event to occur.)

CalifJim, you explain really well, but, I don't know why I can't understand it, well, it's much clearer now with your explanation!

I will keep thinking about it, and see if there is anything about this I don't understand!Emotion: stick out tongue

Thank you very much!
Thanks a lot. I think I understand... I think! But maybe I don't really understand, LOL.

It seems a little complicated, but I know it is not actually. The fact is that I don't think it is a good idea to go on discussing this in general here, since I'm afraid we would end up complicating matters. Your explanation is enough for now... If I have any problems with a specific sentence, I'll post again, but at least we will have a specific example.
Thanks Emotion: smile
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I think I understand... I think! But maybe I don't really understand, LOL.
Yes. There's a lot of that going around. Emotion: smile