hello, could you also please correct the CV?
it's just about the language.
(I know, the layout makes it a bit diffucult to read)
Thank you very much.


- Curriculum Vitae -

Contact Information

Address: ***
Phone ?:
Cell Phone ?:
Email ?:

Personal Information

Date of Birth: ***
Place of Birth: ***
Citizenship: German
Marital status: unmarried

Education and Training

Secondary school: 1985 - 1992
Albert-Schweitzer-POS (polytechnic secondary school)

Grammar school: 1992 - 1997
Werner-Heisenberg-Gymnasium Chemnitz
general qualification for university entrance

Professional training: September 1997 – February 2000
German Telekom AG
T-Com division Chemnitz/Leipzig
office executive

University: September 2001 – September 2004
University of applied science for public administration Meißen
{Dipl}. Verwaltungswirt (FH)

Diploma dissertation: “Regional Representation by the EU – Regional Offices in Brussels”
{evaluation still in process}

Seminar papers: “Foreigners in Germany – The demographic development from the legal and economical point of view”
“Natural disasters management in Germany”
“Germany in Europe – The European Integration Process and it’s Effects on Germany”

Saxon Authority for Family and Social Chemnitz – organisation and information processing
Municipality Chemnitz – trade taxes agency
Representation Office of the Free State of Saxony Brussels – student research project
Saxon Ministry of Economics Dresden – human resources

Professional Experience

February 2000 – April 2000
T-Mobile central office Leipzig
customer advisor back-office

May 2000 – March 2001
School for mentally handicapped children Chemnitz
community service (in lieue of military service)

April 2001 – August 2001
T-Mobile central office Leipzig
customer advisor back-office

October 2004 – September 2005
University of Technology Chemnitz
advisor human resources department

Professional Qualifications

Computer skills: Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access
HTML basic course
Certifications : AdA instructor course


English: good conversational
Russian: basic knowledge
Hi Veronika

Essentially it's OK. However a potential employer looks at hundreds of these and you need to make yours stand out.

Take lots of time over the layout.
Have a long version (max 2 pages) & short version (1 Page) ready and up to date all the time.....just in case that job you really fancy has a short deadline.
Review all the time.....
and probably my top tip is to give a 1 paragraph 'profile' statement that sells you. If it's good (and it should be placed after your basic details) then the reader will want to know more, if it's bad (or missing) your CV will probably be discarded!

Good luck with your search......


PS your English is excellent.
Hi Mark-- welcome to English Forums. Thanks for helping out, and we hope to see more of you around here.

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Hi there

I recommand you to re-write your educationnal and training, and experience paragraphs by stating first the most recent date instead of writing first your oldest date ( Imean by that, state first your university between sept 2001 and sept 2004, then sept 1997 feb 2000, ..., and last secondary school 1985.1992). When reading your resume, the employer finds first your most recent qualifications and experiences.
the rest is good, but why not adding a paragraph for your interests, it could be the place to write something about you that would make you stand out of the pile of resumes the employer may have to consider??
Good luck!
Thank you for having a look at my CV.
I thought about stating the most recent dates first, but I was not sure. It's not usual in Germany, but as I apply for european studies I will change it.
I also thought about what I can write for my interests. But there is nothing special (no much time besides working). The truth is: family and friends. But I don't think this makes me more interesting. So I left the passage out.
Thanks, Veronika
you have never been part of a sport team, music group, or volunteer organization??..I think, if so, that you can mention it..
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