I want to write a pill to take alternative days. How I should use abbreviation?

example -

Lorazepam 1 mg ----

Sagar dey
Take one pill of Lorazepam 1mg every other day.

Take one pill of Lorazepam 1mg every 48 hours.

Lorazepam 1mg q.o.d.
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Dear Mr.John,

There are two more abbreviations available for alternate day. They are:

1. q.a.d. - quoque alternis die (every other day)

2. dieb. alt. - diebus alternis ( every other day)


Dear Sri

Q.O.D. = every other day

Q.A.D. = every alternate day

Technically speaking, I would be hard pressed to find a difference.

Nevertheless, I have spent a lifetime writing q.o.d. on prescriptions so that pharmacists can transcribe the latin abbreviation back into plain English for the patient. What a useless step! Now I simply write "every other day" directly on the scrip to avoid all confusion.
Dear Mr. John,

Yes, it is better to put it in simple English rather than that of using latin abbreviation.

Thanks for your reply.


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I agree with both of you but those latin words can not be ingnored. Everytime it is not possible writing in english when we refer case to experienced super doctor. Thanks for your help.

Sagar dey

How about this?

Hydoxyurea 1.5g alt 1g daily