Hi guys,

I am in college, and in india, english is not the primary language. But, in college, we speak english only (common). The cool words are "bugger" to refer to a person, and "*** you" to show disgust towards somebody. But, i dont want to use either. Is there a more cooler variant of referring to a idiotic person? and, any lighter alternative for f u? How about alternatives for *** or just ***?
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I believe "tool" has the same meaning as "***", which is a reference to the penis.
there are a couple of other words you may be interested in on this subject they usually are used against males and mean loser,stupid, silly. Generally degrading

Wanker- usually used as a derogatory term for males and highly offensive

Wolley- just means stupid or makes stupid decisions, or does stupid things that effect their life

*** same as wolley with more hint of dislike

Plonker - means very stupid as in thick.

he/she is thick- thick is an alternative word for very stupid.

hope these are of help to your colloquial studies of English
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Dear Lynx,

I have noted that English people say «***» often to mean something they do not like. It is strange to me.

Kindest regards,
You can say the following

You cretin. You are such a cretin

Cretin means idiot or stupid person

Another word for idiot is moron

You moron you are such a moron

I hope this helps
The word troll means an ugly girl

expressions - What a troll

she is a troll

I am not going to that night-club because it is full of trolls

Interestingly another word that means the same thing is dragon.

to me it has a slightly better effect- she is a dragon

That girl overthere thinks she is really nice but I think she is a dragon

Is Steve really going out with that dragon?

British people have somehow linked awful mythical creatures to ugly girls

These words are very offensive it is better just to have knowledge of the than to use them.

hope this helps
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unfortunately you have come across a word that also means Penis

he has a massive tool alternative for he has a massive Penis.

In another sense it could mean a control or operation of something that does many things

Virus protection on your computer is a massive tool.

hope this helps
There's "retard" too, when you want to say that a person is stupid.
And "sucker".
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I, too, am from India. I think you can safely use the word 'bum' instead of 'bugger' and '***'. I know 'bum', in slang, refers to the buttocks, but it is listed in the dictionary, and is a nearly polite way, if I may say so, of referring. As far as *** you goes, I think the word and its meaning is unique. So is the actEmotion: wink .
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