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I am in college, and in india, english is not the primary language. But, in college, we speak english only (common). The cool words are "bugger" to refer to a person, and "*** you" to show disgust towards somebody. But, i dont want to use either. Is there a more cooler variant of referring to a idiotic person? and, any lighter alternative for f u? How about alternatives for *** or just ***?
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*** is used to refer to the external female genitalia, irrespective of age. It is called so because of its resemblance to the cat's face.
You've got a funny looking cat!

Any you need to be very careful with the *** word. It is probably the strongest swear word in BrE and can cause severe offense. Actually, it is usually directed against men rather than women. It is not the sort of word to use when you drop heavy something on your toe!
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I agree - it is a very offensive word. Another similar word ,which has the same meaning, and is often wrongly thought to be less offensive is ***. This is also very offensive. Best not to use either of them
I think I've also heard "***" referring to an old lady ("an old ***")

Yes, Pieanne; it probably dates from the Agatha Christie era.Emotion: catThere is nothing vulgar about this expression.
Must come from there: I've got all her novels in English. (in French too Emotion: smile )

But it's funny, since I had no answer here, I asked two English ladies here (40/50-ish): they told me NEVER to say that under no circumstance!
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...refer to a person as a 'bum', thereby meaning 'bugger', which, incidentally, in slang, means to have sexual intercourse as well ...

"bum" is indeed BrE slang for the buttocks; it is informal, and can be used without offence.

"bugger" is used as a mild expletive. The verb "to bugger" refers to anal intercourse, particularly betwen men.
You could call her an "*** cat", meaning sweet and gentle.
'***' is often used as a non-count noun.

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