Hi guys,

I am in college, and in india, english is not the primary language. But, in college, we speak english only (common). The cool words are "bugger" to refer to a person, and "*** you" to show disgust towards somebody. But, i dont want to use either. Is there a more cooler variant of referring to a idiotic person? and, any lighter alternative for f u? How about alternatives for *** or just ***?
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Words like cissy, nincompoop, "tubelight", dumbo etc come to mind in this regard...

"Tubelight" means someone who is slow to understand a joke - just like a tubelight takes a long time to light up! Emotion: big smile

I prefer using words like "freakin'", "sucky" "friggin'" etc as euphemisms for the ubiquitous "f*ck."

What an interesting question! It got me thinking, and gave me an opportunity to explore Jonathan Green's Big Book of Being Rude (edited from the Cassel's Dictionary of Slang).

Green's highly readable selection of words is divided into several chapters, the heading most appropriate for your purposes would seem to be Stupid, Irritating and Contemptible. Here is a selection, I hope you will find them useful:

dicksplash (a personal favourite during my childhood in Canada, but has fallen into relative disuse in recent times)

the Irish tend to favour eedjit/eejit/ijit

My grandmother and fiancee (not one and the same) are both keen on "Daft 'a'peth". 'a'peth being an abbreviation of ha'peth.

You may also hear people being described as being "somewhat akin to a fool". Alternatively, suggesting someone is a "banana" is not likely to be taken as a complement.

I hope this short selection helps, for more information see


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Instead of saying fuck you say eat shit.
in america, we only use a few words that i can think of off the top of my head other than swearing...

tool, douche, douchebag, d-bag, - all mean idiot

pus.sy - means you are weak <-- omit the "."

dick - means you are an as.shole <-- omit the "."

gooch - a funny term, might want to look up the meaning on urbandictionary.com because i won't put it in words here, but it means you're a "retard"

i wouldn't say cu.nt if i were you, it's a very sensitive word. Emotion: wink
My favourite insult is: "My compliments to mademoiselle your mother."

By the time people realise what you have said you are long gone.
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a tool is usually someone everyone knows and acts selfish, conceited, and/or can't keep his word. like "god ya know billy, ya the guy we play b-ball with...he is such a tool" generally when i want to call someone an "ass" i do...but if thats offensive try "dumb fuck" or "retard" "fuck-o" and as for "asshole" you can try "dipshit" or "douche bag"...all the same, they are fun to say, just make sure you check the context in which you are saying them.

"Billy is a tool."

"Stop being a dumb fuck"

"You are sucha retard"

"Hey Fuck-o!"

"Dipshit, come here"

"You are acting like a douche bag"
Thank you, Aus.

I'm distressed to learn that several women have to share one part. Things must be very bad down there.

All the best,

It would heplp if you would watch a proper English show (and not the sterilized American ones), like Only Fools and Horses for example. A lot of usable swearwords there like:

git (soppy old git...)

Try not to use "c*nt", you might get in serious trouble, "w*nker" is also strong, but very common.

Instead of "bitch", you can also use "slag", although be careful, it's much more offensive.

There also are a few variations of "gay", my favourie is "pufter".

Btw this thread is awesome!
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31 January 2007

Hi I'm from the UK and have grew up partly in South Africa and Gibraltar, so I know the lingo (language).

Bugger Off is a lesser evil to Fuck Off or Piss Off,

Knob (silent k, so nob) is a good word, it can mean a few things depending on the context; it can replace idot, arsehole (asshole), So if your friend said somthing and stupid or said he did something and you thought it to be stupid or idiotic, then you could say "You're such a knob", or instead of saying What an arsehole, you could say, "What a knob".

knob is harsher than idiot, but has more of an impact, it's not severe.

Technically it means dick (as in penis), but it has translated into many other meanings.

Retard is a good work, so is mong, they are used to describe an idiot, so you could say, "What a mong/retard" or "You are SUCH a mong/retard" or just "Retard!".

Mong and retard mean people who are not fully there, i.e. people with mentally disabilities.

Hope these help!
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