Hi guys,

I am in college, and in india, english is not the primary language. But, in college, we speak english only (common). The cool words are "bugger" to refer to a person, and "*** you" to show disgust towards somebody. But, i dont want to use either. Is there a more cooler variant of referring to a idiotic person? and, any lighter alternative for f u? How about alternatives for *** or just ***?
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for ass you could use booty- e.g. she got a big booty or big bumper
Why do some words appear as ****?
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Hey yall,

I am in elementry school and college people don't cuss hardly compared to us. I mean come on f*ckers I need to do some d*mn thing so what the h*ll are you trying to do asswholes. This is the us here.
Hello Kimm,

The forum software has a built-in censor with a list of prohibited words. If one of those words appears in a post, the software **** 's it out.

help me this is for an english assignment
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Anonymoushelp me this is for an english assignment
Anonymoushelp me this is for an english assignment
**** me!

it's a pussy cat not an pussy cat.

i don't want to be mean but that is how you say it.
Hope that help, and luv ya!
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I'm surprised one of my favorite words has not made this list: a "chump" is someone who is foolish or a bit dumb. It is not really offensive, and it's fun to use. (Perhaps it's just fun for me.Emotion: big smile) It can be used in the same way "idiot" is used, and in some other instances.

"You chump!"

"He is such a chump."

Another good word for a stupid person is "clod," which can be used in the same manner as "chump."
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