Hi guys,

I am in college, and in india, english is not the primary language. But, in college, we speak english only (common). The cool words are "bugger" to refer to a person, and "*** you" to show disgust towards somebody. But, i dont want to use either. Is there a more cooler variant of referring to a idiotic person? and, any lighter alternative for f u? How about alternatives for *** or just ***?
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A troll?
I think "troll" means an ugly girl, Pieanne.

Eejit (Irsih for "idiot")


gallah [gall-aah] (Australian - refers to a very stupid parrot)

dickhead (offensive)


drongo (Australian)



plank (from "as thick as a plank")

smeghead (a bit rude)

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Troll and ugly girl? I thought it meant anybody ugly and dumb... au temps pour moi. (English = ?)
There's also "pizza face", if the person suffers from acne
a.k.a. trolling

The act of posting a message in a newsgroup that is obviously exaggerating something on a particular topic, hoping to trick a newbie into posting a follow-up article that points out the mistake.

also a noun, for the idiot doing so.

Didn't we have a thread on this not too long ago?
Ha! Got me!


troll ***
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I learn so much in this Forum!
Thank you MM!
My only knowledge of trolls came from Harry Potter. But if we put it all together, we get a nice picture.
tool ...?
I've heard it a couple of times but not sure about the meaning of it? "X is a massive tool"
what about 'swine' (pig)? Isn't that used too?
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