I have a student who is lecturer in Human Resources.

She asked me for an alternative word for ' internship' because she wants to find way of describing a period of time a student spends working in a company but rather than focus on the fact that the student is learning from the company, a phrase that gives a sense of the student sharing their expertise and knowledge rather than the company 'training' and the student 'gaining' from the placement.

I thought of "work placement" and I found "Knowledge Transfer partnership" but that is the name of a specific program which is government subsidised.

Does anyone know of anything more suitable?

Thank you,

'Intern/internship' are well-established and well-understood terms.

Let me make a comment, without trying to be offensive. In my experience in the workplace, non-HR people often think that HR people like to find fancy terms for ordinary things. Emotion: smile

Best wishes, Clive

What about : traineeship, practical training/course/work ?

I don't know if it fits to your concern, but it might be hard to find such a word, thought.
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I'd use the word 'fellowship'.

Some other possibilities are 'consultancy' and 'collaboration'.
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