hello every one,

Is there any website from where we can get one word for many kind of thing as i work for a commerical company where we need to have shows name and punch line stuff so is there any software or website available where i can get many options for one word or one line for a subject like can any one help me on the following please:

I need another word for WANNABEES like if a tv show is running in which contestants participate as singers and i want to change its name what the other attractive word can be ..replacement word for WANNABEES.
Welcome to EF, buragman,

We did this one before, as a response to your Guest posting. 'Poseurs' and 'hopefuls' were suggested.
Dear Guest,

maybe you could say 'aspiring singers (or actors or whatever)' instead of wannabees.

If you have trouble finding alternative words regularly, maybe you should buy a synonyms dictionary (a thesaurus). You could also use www.synonym.com

Good Luck!