Can someone PLEASE help me. What is the difference in meaning (and use) between 'although' and 'even though'?
You could add though and even if to your list. There is really no difference worth mentioning as to what the four mean. Depending on your native language, you may want to use different words to translate them, though.

These examples illustrate how they are used:

He didn't come to my party although/though/even though I invited him.
Although/Even though I invited him, he didn't come to my party.

Some usage experts disapprove of though at the beginning of a sentence. Some others use it freely to begin a sentence.

If the main clause is in the conditional, only even if and even though are possible:

He wouldn't come to my party even though/even if I invited him.
Even if/Even though I invited him, he wouldn't come to my party.

He wouldn't have come to my party even though/even if I had invited him.
Even if/Even though I had invited him, he wouldn't have come to my party.

Although -notwithstanding that/inspite of the fact that .Although it was cold,he didn't light a fire/She wrote the exam although she was ill

Though is used for different senses,
though- despite the fact that/although.Though they argue a lot they are good friends
-but. I will try to be there though I can't promise
-however/yet . We don't have that size,we will order it though.
-as if . The novice ranthe race as though he was a veteran athlete

even though -even is used for emphasis to show something that is unexpected or to make a comparison stronger.
. I like him even though he is a bit of a rogue
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