..................Express yourself creatively
Always be up for surprises
Love someone with all of your heart
Share with friends.............................

These sentences are attached to photos as subtitles. This is not a poetry, so maybe it's not a right place to ask, but please help me.

I don't understand the meaning of the second sentence;
"Always be up for surprises"

Could somebody explain this for me, please?
Maybe ‘up’ is informal. This is an idiomatic expression that doesn’t make much literal sense.
I think the sentence means something like
Always be a candidate for surprises
Don’t be shy or you’ll miss out on happy surprises

You are not talking about football, are you guys?
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Hi Guest,
Lol, that's funny. I'm not asking about football. Sorry, if I make you disappointed. Emotion: wink

Aileen, thanks for answering my question.
"Don’t be shy or you’ll miss out on happy surprises" .... with the photos that I have, I think this interpretation would make sense.
Many thanks again!!
The Aussies play a kind of football that they inherited from Gaelic ancestors. It’s simply called Aussie Rules or AFL (aerial ping pong to be unkind). When the big guys fly, and they do, anything could happen and it usually does about 3 feet above the field. Gives a new spin on up for surprises. CRASH!! (Oh sorry mate)! LOL
LOL!! sounds very funny.
I wish you could post a picture of it. Emotion: wink
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