Can I use

Always yours,

as a complimentary closing?

or is it Yours Always,

I haven't found any reference to this on the internet.

Thank you
You can close a letter in anyway you choose.

The more common closing with “sincerely” can be written either as “Yours sincerely”, or “Sincerely yours”.

Therefore, I think you can close either way: “Yours always”, or “Always yours”.
Hi guys,

“Yours always”, or “Always yours”.

I think that wording for ending a letter is probably very culturally dependent. As a man in my culture, I would only use such wording if I were writing to the woman I loved.

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That's the plan Emotion: smile

Thank you all for your response.
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I think it depends on who you are writing to, is it a friend or a lover? To me "always yours" indicates two things 1. It's a sign of saying you are a possession to the other person 2. It means you intend to spend the rest of your life with them, so if its a girlfriend choose your wording very wisely because if you don't want marriage then I strongly think you need to find a better closing line.

Seems you are right .....sounds clear 2me .....thx

You may use either “Always yours” or “Yours always”, whichever you prefer.

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