Do you think some people believe that you are curt because you are shy or unsociable? Personally, I have met a guy who became later one of my best friends. He actually talked openly to me saying that he thought when he first met me that I was rude. Frankly speaking, I felt depressed. In my point of view, the problem is that because there are barriers between me and other people which prevent the real image of me to be shown.

My friend later explained to some tips to avoid isolation. He said:

"First of all, look at the mirror and discover your disadvantages. Second, write down in paper your history and analyze the characteristics of your personality. Not to forget, think always positively and remove all negative side from your life. Then, put a target in front of you. Finally, keep in mind that no body is perfect but we are all humans."

I believe actually of what he said. But I am still having a difficulty to put some of these steps in practice.

Now, I need you personal opinion, what do you think the best solution for it? Do you have any additional tips to avoid isolation?

I will greatly appreciate your contributions.

With my best wishes and highest respects,

Hi Mohanned and hi all Emotion: smile
I think isolation is a common problem to many people. It happened to me as well. I think its bcuz I'm scare of being put in a ashamed situation... afraid of making a bad impression or being refused sometimes. Be frank, I have to admit that I tend to care about how people think about me and sometimes feel very upset if they take a bad image of me in their mind. This may be a kind of barriers that you have mentioned, Mohanned. Changing it is not a easy task for me at all... but it doesnt mean impossible and I also try my best for it.
The first tip in my opinion is you must really determine on changing for the better, think about how bad things went when you isolated yourself from others ect.
Then you think about yourself, advantages and disadvantages and how to improve, or remove them.
Improve ur confidence by improving ur advantages. There are many way to do that, you can have advise from many people.

Here is two of my experiences for you if you feel hard to prastise any tip:
-- Put urself in a social environment, I mean... go out or join a group of your interest, activities... this is especially effective if you tend to keep yourself away from the rest of the world ^^.
-- Keep smiling. Smile make yourself and everyone around you feel easier to start anything. Simple but amazingly it always works. Emotion: smile

Hi again
Here are some tips to become more sociable that I think they're useful in any case.
  • Always believe in yourself.
  • Believe that you are exactly who you want to be.
  • Don't act stuck-up. There is a difference between confidence and snobbery.
  • Remember, being social does not mean being everyone's friend. It is okay to be selective with friends and a little cautious. It's safer that way and ensures you get quality friends, not quantity. The main test of if you should be friends is this: In general, do I feel good after being with this person? If not, your intuition is telling you something and it is time to move on.
  • Compliment other people. What you compliment them on may lead to a conversation.
  • Don't overanalyze what to say before saying it.
  • Go with the flow.
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Your name wouldn't be Mr Darcy would it? Emotion: smile

Not everyone is made to be the life and soul of the party or be an extravert. You can be quiet and shy without being curt to people.

Even if you don't say much, you can say it with a friendly attitude and a smile. If you are in a group and feeling a bit uncomfortable, look around you. There will be someone else also feeling shy and uncomfortable. Go over and talk to them - they will be pleased and relieved that someone is being friendly, and you might find it easier to talk to someone else in the same situation. You could even start the conversation with 'Hi, I find it so hard to talk to people at these things, don't you?'

If you ask people questions and listen to them talking about themselves, they will think you are a great conversationalist, even if you hardly say anything to them.
I would also like to say that if you are among a group of people, don't cross your legs neither your arms (I don't know if it is said "cross":S) since people will think that you are angry and not sociable;).

Personally I think that it's you who has to go where others are if don't want to be alone but you can always be apart from the group. They have to accept you for who you are, if you are happy with yourself, you shouldn't change.Emotion: wink
Nona The BritYou could even start the conversation with 'Hi, I find it so hard to talk to people at these things, don't you?'
I like this idea so much. Nona [L] Emotion: smile

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This problem is wide spread unfortunatelly...But I agree that one-two good friends are better than a huge crowd of people that you feel uncomfortable. Be yourself and don't mind if somebody doesn't like you...You are not a 100 dollars that everybody should love you =) take it easy and everything will be all right!