I am quite often a group leader, including in my most important papers at University, in which I would have to coordinate large groups of up to 8 people, both foreign and unmotivated.

Do you think the above is OK?

Do you think the phrase in bold is ambiguous? (are the people foreign and unmotivated, or are some foreign and some unmotivated?)

If you feel it is unclear, how would you rewrite it?

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I think it's terrible. How can you be a group leader in a paper? What people do you consider 'foreign'? Start again.
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Mister MicawberStart again.

I am regularly a leader, including for important projects at University in which I had to coordinate large groups of up to 8 people, who were both/either foriegn to X and/or unmotivated.

How is that?

Please show what you'd change.
One problem is the implied discrimination against 'foreigners'; another is trying to squeeze the information awkwardly into one sentence; yet another is 'have to', which suggests unpleasantness; another is that 'large' is a value judgement which the reader might not share.

I am regularly a leader. For university projects, I led groups of up to 8 people, which often required coordination of members who were unmotivated, inexperienced or from disparate cultures.