Hi Folks,

I would like to know on what aspects are America and Canada different from each other? I know that some parts of Canada speak French while the U.S emphasises importance in Spanish. But what else?

Do both countries have similar customs / manner of speaking ( English) / socialising? Does Canda have divisions like states?Somehow the U.S is always in the forefront of all media/news while we dont hear much from Canada. As a result I feel that I know almost nothing about Canada.


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Canadians are quite similar to Americans in their habits, but Canada has provinces instead of states, and it's generally colder there. Here's a good [url="http://canada.gc.ca/main_e.html "]PLACE TO START[/url], Savvy.
This question have I also. You've got right, that I never hear news from Canada.

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Thanx a lot for that site Mister Micawber! It's a shame I practically know nothing about Canada.

It's true spinnaker...my guess is Canada prefers to remain neutral to any kind of media/political vendetta.

What political status has Canada. Is Canada neutral?

I'm a Canadian. We have provinces, not states. In the past, we have followed many British traditions, although our large neighbour obviously has influenced us. We try to play a role on the world stage that is in keeping with a nation of 30 million people.

We are a country of immigrants. Many are now coming from Asia, and changing our society in many ways. I would venture to say the city where I live is the most multi-cultural city in the world.

What political status has Canada. Is Canada neutral? What context are you talking about? Right versus Left? East versus West? The USA versus Osama bin Laden? Capitalism versus socialism?

If you have any other questions, please ask me. Canadians like to be helpful.

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Thank you very much Clive!

In what ways are Asians changing your society? And in what way has United States influenced you?

I think I should just go and visit Canada one day instead of bombarding million questions in the forum Emotion: indifferent

I might be wrong, but I think Canada is very similar to the USA, without social problems or criminal issues. I know there are thieves in Canada, they are everywhere in the world, but Canada seems to be to be a lot more organized than the USA. The US is a great country tho, but Canada seems a lot better place to live.
@Clive: I min with the political status:
It gives countrys, which don't do military missions, but if they go to be attacked, then they defend. Do you know what I would say with that? The country can be neutral in the world politic. What is Canada? Like the USA for example.
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