I’ve seen this movie several times . at the first time I didn’t know it won 5 Oscars ! I thought its one of the stupid cheap movies which was produced to waste our time . but later I wasn’t so amazed of its 5 Oscars . I guess it deserve them fully , but was wondering why I liked this movie !
I guess it was encouraging us to break the habit . to break away from ourselves and live as free spirit . life duty become more than we can stand , nobody can take this any more cuz God didn’t create us to be machines which build up the cities and develop new techniques for the new generation and newer civilization .

This movie was inviting us to end up that cold family’s relationships which tie us up just because the community’s smaller unit is the family . this lifeless relations has been grown up by our desire , and the forbidden one ! see, I’m not trying here to become godly but I guess that God created kind of energy that keep the family united - just like the inner energy in the Chemical bonds ( which we break to generate the atomic power ) – if we spend this energy on the outside and waste it , then we shouldn’t be amazed if sons hate their parents and wives fed up of their husbands . it’s new life we created under the development cover . well, we lost the game !

Thank you guys for reading . Actually I’m preparing for the TOEFL and will be thankful if anybody write any small comment . I’d appreciate this a lot .
xHell – Syria
Ilike this dialogue thereinafter:
It was one of those days
where it is a minute away from snowing
and there was this electricity in the air
You can almost hear it ,right?
And this bag was just dancing with me
Like a little kid begging me to play with it ,for 15 minutes
That is the day i realized
That there was this
entire life behind things
and this incredibly benevolent force
that wanted me to know that there was no reason to be afraid... ever
Video is a poor excuse,I knows,
but it helps me remember
indeed to remember
Sometimes there is so much beauty in the world
I feel like i can not take it and
my heart is jut going to cave in ...
yeah, thats such a great film. One of my favourite quotes is when his boss asks him if he has a minuit, to which he replyes

" For you Brad, I've got five"

hehehe that part always cracks me up
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